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Fruit sorting machine helps fruit farmers reduce sorting costs

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In recent years, along with the development of agricultural science and technology, people’s living standards have improved. As a result, the quality of fruits has also been higher. In order to improve the quality of processing and the grade of products, fruit sorting machine has emerged.

The birth of the fruit sorting machine has solved the shortcomings of large labor volume, low productivity and unstable sorting precision, and it is difficult to achieve fast, accurate and non-destructive fruit sorting. So far, it has achieved very good results and received Fruit farmers’ praise!

fruit sorting machine

At present, according to the different fruit detection indicators, the fruit sorting machine can be roughly divided into a size sorting machine, a weight sorting machine, an appearance quality sorting machine and an internal quality sorting machine. Among them, the size sorting machine is sorted according to the size of the fruit, and is widely used, and is mainly used for sorting round fruits such as apples.

We now advocate science and technology agriculture, using advanced technology to arm agriculture, can make complex problems simple, just like our fruit sorting machine, it has helped farmers a lot.

This busy fruit sorting machine uses the principle of balance and leverage to use the weight set by the weight to quickly and accurately classify the various fruits to be measured in the fully automatic transfer. The fruit is equal in weight and is suitable for apples, pears, peaches, tomatoes, etc.

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