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Potato Grading Machine

Potato grading machine is used to grade potato by size, our potato grader is designed to replace the traditional screen sizer, and provides a perfect combination of accuracy, capacity, and price.

PVC rollers rotate the potatoes for workers to do the quality inspection and finally grade on three to six sizes. Either the bag closing device weighing system can help you do packing directly. The grading performance is consistent and effective.

potato grading machine

Potato grading machine features

  1. With conveyor at the bottom of the hopper, this potato grading machine is automatic feeding and can carry a large capacity, greatly saving labor.
  2. Roller inspection tables: roller conveyor provide an efficient and affordable way to keep your product constantly rotating when a manual inspection is required.
  3. Variable speed: Variable speed operation can be achieved either by mechanical or electrical adjustment.
  4. Discharging Conveyors: Gentle and durable belts can carry your product to either side of the Sizer. End with a Bag closing device or slope exit as needed.
  5. Easy to use, simple maintenance, Wheels on the legs for easy movability.

Application: Potato grader is suitable for grading oval and irregular shape fruits and vegetables like carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beet, capsicum, noni fruit, parsnips, orange, lemon, etc.


Model Capacity Grades Dimension(mm) Power Voltage Size at each grade
TYPG-5000 5t/h 3-6 grades 7000*1600*1200 2.2KW 220V/380V fixed
TYPG-8000A 8t/h 3-6 grades 9200*1500*1200 2.6kw 220V/380V fixed
TYPG-8000B 8t/h 3-6 grades 9260*1500*1220 2.6kw 220V/380V adjustable

Customize Service

  • We offer stainless steel rollers and stainless contact points, or an all stainless sizer.
  • Grading size can be fixed or adjusted according to your requirements.
  • If you need cleaning, we can provide brushes for dry cleaning or water tank for washing.

The further process you may need

We can design a weighting system based on the discharging conveyor belt If you need to pack your products in cartons with several kilograms( eg. 8kg, 10kg, 15kg…). It has Sensors to control the automatic filling and stop.

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