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Passion Fruit Grading Machine

Passion fruit grading machine is used to grade passion fruit by size, which usually consists of a hopper, belt or roller inspection table, elevator and grading part. the passion fruit grader machine is also used in grade bell peppers, potatoes, carrots, mangosteen, and etc.

passion fruit grading machine

while assuring accurate sorting and large capacity, this passion fruit grading machine is gentle handling for fresh fruit. Typically a straight roller is used to gently rotate and orient the fruit until it separates onto the conveyor at the appropriate distance. The fruit is spread on the conveyor according to size, and adjustable grader allows easy selection of the desired sizes.

Passion fruit grading machine features

  1. High Efficiency, with a large capacity and accurate grading performance, grading speed can be adjusted.
  2. Variable speed, the variable-speed operation can be achieved either by mechanical or electrical adjustment.
  3. Easy to move, wheels on the legs for easy movability.
  4. Good quality spare parts, the sizer is provided with triple-seal ball bearings throughout to provide long-life service in harsh environments.
  5. Elevators, baffle elevators or roller elevators, either stand-alone or sizer-mounted, are designed to “fit” with the Sizer.
  6. Inspection tables, grading tables can be belt conveyor or roller conveyor, providing an efficient and affordable way to keep your product constantly rotating when the manual inspection is required.
  7. Discharging Conveyors, gentle and durable belts can carry your product to either side of the Sizer. We can add soft mat at bottom of each slope exit to reduce damage.
  8. Customize, we offer stainless steel rollers+stainless contact points or an all stainless sizer, grading size can be fixed or adjusted according to your requirements, if you need cleaning, we can provide brushes for dry cleaning or a water tank for washing.


Model Capacity Grades Dimension(mm) Power Voltage Size at each grade
FIPF-3000A 2t-3t/h 3-6 grades 5000*1500*950 1.1KW 220V/380V Fixed/adjustable
FIPF-3000B 2t-3t/h 3-6 grades 10000*1500*1050 3.7kw 220V/380V Fixed/adjustable
FIPF-3000C 2t-3t/h 3-6 grades 13850*1500*1050 8.5kw 380V Fixed/adjustable

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