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Longan Grading Machine

Longan grading machine is used to grade and sort different size fruits and vegetables.

Application: longan, lychee, areca, dates, olives, cherry tomatoes, okra, kumquat, etc.

longan grading machine

The stainless steel roller tubes conveyor uniform speed rolling in the same direction, and gradually increase the distance between the stainless steel tubes, fruit falling down from small to large size, in order to achieve the purpose of grading according to different sizes.

This longan grading machine consists of hopper&elevator, roller inspection table, and grading part. It has the function of lifting and picking, roll bar conveyor and roller sorting. The gaps between roller pipes increase gradually in the process of belts moving, and the fruits drop from gaps from small to large size. Gaps can be adjusted according to diameters required.

longan grader

Longan grading machine features

  • High processing capacity, grade adjustable, can be divided into 3~6 grades and above.
  • High classification accuracy, high grading speed, simple operation, general staff can operate it.
  • The longan grader can be used for irregular fruit or vegetable.
  • Speed of the longan grader machine is adjustable.


Model Voltage Power Capacity Grades Dimension (mm)
TYLG-2000 220v/380v 1.85kw 2-3t/h 3-6 grades 8500*1300*970

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