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Chestnut Grading Machine

Chestnut grading machine consists of a bubble washing tank, water sprinkles, brushes, air blowers and roller grader for sizing according to diameters. It can be used for washing and grading nuts like chestnut and macadamia.

chestnut grading machine is suitable for grade cherry tomato, cherry, strawberry, chestnut, and other small size fruits according to their size. the grade speed can be adjusted, and the sorting grade levels can be customized based on your requirement.


  1. Easy to operate and no damage to the grading fruit and vegetable.
  2. High efficiency, electric control and save labor.
  3. It is applicable to various fruit and vegetable processing factory, leisure food processing plant and other food processing.

chestnut grading machine

Chestnut washing drying grading line

Chestnut washing drying grading line


Model Capacity Brushes Blowers Sizes Dimension(mm) Voltage
TYCW-2000 2000kg/h 20pcs 4pcs 5 sizes 9900*1500*1700 380V

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