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Tomato Grading Machine

Tomato grading machine is used to grade tomato by size, which is widely used in grading tomato, mandarin, tangerine, etc. the grading speed can be adjusted. we can add a water tank for washing if you need.

tomato grader
Small Elevator+Grader

Our tomato grading line mainly includes automatic feeding hopper, roller elevator& inspection table, brushes polishing, water sprinkles, air blowers, and tomato sorting machine. each section can work separately or be combined with a processing line according to your requirements.

tomato grading machine
Automatic Feeding Hopper+Roller Elevator+Brushes&Sprinkles Cleaning+Air Blowers+Grader
tomato grading machine
Water Tank+ Sprays+Roller Elevator&Inspection Table+Brushes+Air Blowers+Grader


If none of the standard models fit your unique application, we design a grader to your production capacity, desired material and other functions required. We offer stainless steel rollers+stainless contact points or an all stainless Sizer.

We can design a weighting system based on the discharging conveyor belt If you need to pack fruits in cartons with several kilograms( eg. 8kg, 10kg, 15kg…). There are Sensors to control the automatic filling and stop.

weighting system

Tomato grading machine specification 

Model Capacity Grades  brushes  blowers Dimension(mm) Power Voltage
TYFG-3000 3000kg/h 6 0 0 4000*1200*900 1.5kw 220V
TYFG-5000 5000kg/h 6 20 pcs 4 pcs 10600*1200*1700 5.2kw 380V
TYFG-8000 8000kg/h 7 20 pcs 6 pcs 12000*1500*1700 10.3kw 380V

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