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Mandarin Orange Grading Machine

Mandarin orange grading machine is used to sort and grade the round shape fruit and vegetable according to the size, which can feed the fruit and vegetable to the machine automatically. That will greatly save labor cost and time.

mandarin orange grader
TYFG-3000 (simple citrus grader)

Fruit grading is a headache after fruit harvest every year, traditional manual grading not only takes time and even delays fruit sales time. Our company produces a variety of fruit sorting machines, It solves the fruit grading problem of higt labor cost and low efficiency. This mandarin orange grading machine can divide the fruit into 4-7 grades without harming the fruit itself. It is an efficient fruit grading equipment.

Application: round or oblate fruits like citrus, orange, mandarin, tangerine, Clementine, apple, tomato, etc.

mandarin orange cleaning grader
TYFC-3000 ( grader +10 brushes cleaning)

Our mandarin orange grading machine includes the simple grader, sorter with brushes dry cleaning, or washing drying and sorting line beginning with a water tank and sprinkle for washing. If you need do manual inspection we can provide the roller inspection table. With conveyor belt under each grade, it can carry a large capacity.

mandarin orange grading machine
TYFC-5000 ( automatic feeder+roller elevator&inspection table+20 brushes+sprays+4blowers+grader)
mandarin orange cleaning grading machine
TYFW-8000 ( washing tank+sprays+roller elevator&inspection table+20 brushes+6blowers+grader)


  • Adjustable speed, large capacity, high efficiency;
  • You can choose dry cleaning(brush polishing) or wet cleaning(small amount of water);
  • Gentle and durable belts can carry your product to either side of the Sizer.
  • End with a Bag closing device or weighting system as needed.
  • Automatic protection function, prevent reverse damage to the equipment and wrong operation.



Model Capacity Grades  brushes blowers Dimension(mm) Power Voltage
TYFG-3000 3000kg/h 6 0 0 4000*1200*900 1.5kw 220V
TYFC-3000 3000kg/h 6 10 0 5400*1200*980 1.5kw 220V
TYFC-5000 5000kg/h 6 20 4 10600*1200*1700 5.2kw 380V
TYFC-8000 8000kg/h 7 40 6 14000*1500*1700 10.3kw 380V
TYFW-8000 8000kg/h 7 20 6 12000*1500*1700 10.3kw 380V

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