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Garlic Grading Machine

garlic grading machine is used for grading garlic cloves or other fruits and vegetables automatically, such as cherry, tomato, date, sugar orange, persimmon, mango, pear, peach, lemon, guava, kiwi fruit, etc. This garlic sorting machine is improved and perfected according to long-term fruit sorting experience, feedback and suggestions of customers. So that it’s very practical and economical.

This garlic grading machine consists of hopper & elevator, inspection table, air blower and grading table. It is used for grading garlic or onions by size. Easy operation, grading accurately, with a large capacity. Grading size can be customized according to garlic diameters.

garlic grading machine

garlic grading machine features

  1. Simple operation, high efficiency, accurate sorting
  2. Large hopper to get large capacity.
  3. Elevator and inspection table can be used for picking out bad garlic.
  4. Most of the rollers on the market are stainless steel 201, which is easily to get bent and tarnish after months used. Our machine made improved on the rollers, chains, and design on each outlet. Our rollers, elevator and inspection part are made of stainless steel covered by PVC material, which is much stronger, anti-water and avoid bent problem.
  5. Special design of the outlet is easily for packing in bags and boxes directly.
  6. Grading speed can be adjusted according to your requirement.
  7. It is convenient remove, suitable for small scale work.

Application: all types of fruits like onion, mango, lemon, apple, orange, bell pepper, etc.

garlic grading machine parameter

Model Capacity Grading level Dimension(mm) Power Voltage
FIFW-5000 5-8T/h 3-6 levels 10000 * 1500 * 1600 2.2KW 220V/380V


  • The fruit and vegetable can tumble freely on the roller by the rotation and revolution designing.
  • Special motor shield and oil collecting plate and floor type oil guide pipe designing can guarantee the sanitary of the fruit and increase the water-proof effect of motor.
  • The flotsam can be conveyed by the waste material conveyor belt and then go into the receiving tank.

If you are interested in our garlic grading machine, please free to contact us. We will send your garlic sorting machine working video and recommend the suitable machine model for you.

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