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Blueberry Grading Machine

Blueberry grading machine is a simple machine for grading or sorting blueberry. And the blueberry grader machine includes an inspection conveyor belt, air blower, and grading part.

With various speed, simple operation and low cost, the grading size can be customized according to the product. Blower (used to remove water and Impurities) can be installed at any section. The inspection conveyor belt can also be customized according to customer’s requirement.

blueberry grading machine

blueberry grader machine is suitable for sorting and grading blueberry by size, which is also used in the sorting of saffron, Chinese chestnut, Castanea mollissima, and etc.

blueberry grading machine features

  1. Fast: Each lane moves at speeds of up to 30.2 units per second allowing high productivity while maintaining grading accuracy.
  1. Clean and handled with care: Strict hygiene and sanitation standards are met to ensure blueberry retains its high quality and high value.
  1. Accurate: The sizing accuracy of blueberry grader machine is up to 97%.
  1. Cost effective: Reducing the number of inspection staff required by up to 60% and therefore lowering your overheads.
  1. Gentle: All the grading parts are PVC, in order to make blueberry retain its high quality and high value.
  1. Customized service: Sorting speed, grading size can be adjusted according to your needs. And blower can be installed at any place, which used for removing water and impurities. Besides, the inspection conveyor belt can also be customized according to your requirement.

blueberry grading machine parameter

Capacity Power Grades Voltage Dimension
500-600 kg/h 0.75 kW 3 grades 220 V 2.8 m*1.05 m*1.1 m

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